abril 08, 2012

ruGGGero asnagho - Colecção Check-Point #8

About the project
Checkpoint is a work in progress of silkscreen posters, made by international artists during occasional visits to Lisbon, Portugal.
Like check point agents, we ask the artist in transit to leave a printed mark of his passage by.
We don’t propose a thematic manifestation, but we appreciate a sturdy graphic.
With this project, we aim to create an international cluster of startling expressions, through the silkscreen medium.
Marcos Farrajota

About the artist
ruGGGero asnagho
1984 Milano, Italy
When he was six, he was Batman. Nowadays he’s not batman anymore but he work like a freelance artist-illustrator.
He lives across Europe, always in search of a shelter. He’s planning to take the Excavator license guide. He loves Ramones. Draws a lot and don’t like ice cream.
He is very serious