junho 06, 2010

Igor Hofbauer - Colecção Check-Point #6

Igor Hofbauer - Colecção Check-Point #5

About the artist
Igor Hofbauer, Zagreb, 1974.
Underground illustrator, comic artist (member of the collective Komikaze) and poster drawer - well known for his work for the Club Mocvara.
He graduate painting on the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. As an artist Hofbauer finds in underground music scene very close to his mode of expression not just as an inspiration for his visual art but also as a musician (he's a drummer). He composed music for several dance productions.
He has exhibited his works in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal and France. Hofbauer's poster was included in the respectable book The Art of Modern Rock : The Poster Explosion (2004) which include the finest work from more than 350 international studios and artists. Together with writer Edo Popovic, Hofbauer published four volumes of illustrated stories: Klub, Ako vam se jednom..., Gospa od Bluda and Betonske price. Most of his comic production was published in Prison Stories (MMMNNNRRRG, 2009) and recently some sketches in Firma book.

About the project
Checkpoint is a work in progress of screenprint posters, made by international artists
during occasional visits to Lisbon, Portugal. Like check point agents, we ask the artist in transit to leave a printed mark of his passage by.We don’t propose a thematic manifestation, but we appreciate a sturdy graphic. With this project we aim to create an international cluster of startling expressions.

Artista / Artist Igor Hofbauer
Titulo / Title sem titulo / untitled
Técnica / Technique Serigrafia / Screenprint
Inscrições / Inscriptions Serigrafia assinada e numerada pelo artista e
certificada pelo atelier de impressão/ Screenprint signed and numbered by the artist and certified by the print studio.
Numero de cópias / Number of copies
Numero de cores / Number of colors 3
Papel / Paper Fabriano Academia, 200 gm2 / Fabriano Academia, 200 gsm
Dimensão / Size 50x65 cm
Data 2010-05
Preço / Price 20,00 €



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