novembro 30, 2007

Checkpoint #3 - Max


This is to certify that this silkscreen print was made in Mike goes West studio in Abril de 2007.
An edition of 87 prints was made under the liability of the printer Antonio Coelho and signed by the artist like Follows:

Edition prints - 75 ex.
H.C. (Hors Commerce, collaborator’s prints) – 3 ex.
P. A. (Artist’s prints) – 9 ex.

Mike goes West serigrafia de arte

About the project

Checkpoint is a work in progress of silkscreen posters, made by international artists during occasional visits to Lisbon, Portugal.
Like check point agents, we ask the artist in transit to leave a printed mark of his passage by.
We don’t propose a thematic manifestation, but we appreciate a sturdy graphic.
With this project we aim to create an international cluster of startling expressions, through the silkscreen medium.
Marcos Farrajota

About the artist
Max n. 1956, Barcelona, Spain

Born Francesc Capdevila, Max began in comics as part of the emerging Barcelona underground movement when studying at the Sant Jordi School of Fine Art. In 1979 he started collaborating on a monthly basis on El Vibora, a magazine on which he was to undertake the greater part of his comic strip work and thanks to which he’d become one of the internationally best known Spanish comic artists, with awards such as the Ignatz Prize (USA, 1999), the Grand Prize at the Barcelona Comics Fair (2000) and most recently the three most important prizes in Barcelona Comics Fair 2007: Best Book (Bardín, el superrealista), Best Writer and Best Illustrator.
In the mid-1980’s he began to actively dedicate himself to illustrations: posters, book and records covers, plus drawings for newspapers, magazines and children’s books. In 1997 he won the Ministry of Culture’s National Illustration Prize. His tireless visual experimentation, in both the comic strip and illustrations, has led him to explore very different stylistic avenues, behind which, however, the reader may always recognize his unique and unmistakable way of doing things.
In addiction to his graphic work, Max has been active of late in publishing in Majorca, where he lives, founding and co-directing the magazine Nosotros Somos Los Muertos (1993-2007) and working as editorial director of Inrevés Edicions.



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Vai ficar de certeza um item de colecção. Grande desenho.

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Great photo!

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Great photo!
Marco M.

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