julho 10, 2006

Checkpoint #1- Gianluca Costantini

Gianluca Costantini

1971; Ravenna, Italy

Works and lives in Ravenna as web designer, art director of inguineMAH!gazine, underground cartoonist and curator of exhibitions - such as Marjane Satrapi’s and Joe Sacco’s ones. His work has been represented in individual and collective exhibitions, in Italian private and public galleries (Milan, Rome, Genova, Palermo, Bologna…). He participated in Young Artists Biennial in Sarajevo (2001) and Rome (1999), in Cahiers du Triangle in Saint Etienne, Thessalonica and Bologna (2001). He had individual exhibitions in Athens and Lisbon (2006). His work was published in many Italian and international anthologies, like Mutate & Survive (Associação Chili Com Carne; 2001).

The “theme” of this poster it’s the author “work-in-progress” project, Political Comics, lunched on www.politicalcomics.org site. Like an every year diary, of drawings representing real figures and real words, it’s not reportage or realist picture. Often words and images seem not really linked, they are like fool sketches, pieces of stories being wrecked and saved by lines. Political Comics will become a book in 2006.