dezembro 15, 2009

Oporto # 17 - "Unedited Material From The Star" by John Latham

Pré impressão e fotolitos para impressão em serigrafia, ambiente de impressão de edições passadas, impressão do Oporto #17, detalhes da impressão e comercialização no local na data e hora marcada para a projecção.
"Unedited Material From The Star"

by John Latham 16 mm, color, sound (optical), 12', 1960

John Latham (1921 - 2006) is definitely a pillar for the british contemporary arts. Starting as a painter and sculptor in the late forties, he soon moved these mediums to conceptual fields and social practices. In the fifties Latham developed an holistic system where art emerges as a visual language, the most accurate meaning to approach time and matter. This new time-based theory, termed "Flat Time" becomes a unifying philosophical structure capable of ordering the Universe and human behavior."Unedited Material From The Star" is an animated documentary of the production of another piece, "Film Star". The film presents debris of literature agglomerated over a grav-ity field, the canvas. The result is a flickering book-wreckage site shaped as a bright nonlinear star.

"Unwritten echoes from a neighboring star"
Alexandre Estrela

Saturday, December 19, 2009, 11 pm

Mais informação sobre o projecto em baixo, o atelier fará a impressão em serigrafia e comercializa o poster para a projecção.